Major Objectives


  • Promotion and implementation of rainwater harvesting techniques;
  • Policy Advocacy;
  • Addressing socioeconomic issues affecting the promotion of RWH;
  • Strengthening networking and partnership;
  • Development of information management and communications systems for promotion of RWH;
  • Institutional development.



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General Assembly
October 2017
General Assembly
October 2017
General Assembly
October 2017
General Assembly
October 2017
General Assembly
October 2017
Field Assessment with CFPA Staff
Field Assessment with CFPA Staff
Field Assessment with CFPA Staff
Field Assessment with CFPA Staff
Presentation to CFPA

Main water related activities that are being/to be carried out for the realization of the objectives

  1. Promotion and implementation of rainwater harvesting techniques:

Ø  Distribution of RWH publications;

Ø  Conduction of RWH trainings and workshops for stakeholders and members;

Ø  Conducting cases studies and assessments on experiences in RWH for agricultural production;

Ø  Producing and distributing manuals on RWH to stakeholders;

Ø  Facilitating national stakeholders workshops and ToT trainings on RWH;


           2.     Policy advocacy:

Ø  Conduction of assessments on policy and strategic gaps on RWH issues (done once but needs reinforcement)

Ø  Participation at national and international forums to carry out advocacy activities towards narrowing the gaps in RWH policy issues (e.g. SearNet Conference, WASH Fair, etc.)

Ø  Participation in the Policy Advocacy Working Group of the WASH Forum under CCRDA;

Ø  Organization of dialogue  forums on RWH


   3.    Addressing socio-economic issues affecting the promotion, replication or scaling up of improved RWH practices:

Ø  Introduce or integrate micro-financing systems with RWH projects (future direction)

Ø  Action research to identify cost-effective RWH options affordable by the end users- communities and households (future direction)

Ø  Pursue water quality management  as an integral part of RWH schemes initiated by ERHA (future direction)


              4.    . Development of information management and communication systems for promotion of RWH:

Ø  Publication of thematic and case-study articles (on SearNet Newsletters as well as on local magazines and newspapers);

Ø  Participation on water-related exhibitions and publicity events;

Ø  Broadcasting radio programs and interviews;

Ø  Compilation of RWH Stakeholders Directory of Ethiopia (planned);


              5.    Construct different types of water harvesting schemes;

Ø  Ferro cement RWH schemes with different size (50m3, 25m3, 10m3 etc.);

Ø  Underground WH schemes with different volume;

Ø  Construction of sand dams subsurface dams.

Ø  Participate in the natural resource management activities

              6.    Working on capacity building.

Ø  Production of training manuals/technical guidelines;

Ø  Conducting Training of Trainers Trainings(TOT);

Ø  Skill up training for practicing artisans;

Ø  Production of publications, manuals and technical improved designs (booklets, newsletters, journals … etc;

              7.    Working on Awareness Creation

Ø  Experience exchange visits to members of the community;

                     Ø  Preparation of awareness building materials on RWH prepared in different languages (English, Amharic, Oromiffa, Tigrigna, and Somaligna)


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